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From the spectacular Tikal, Tulum and Palenque to a vast number of smaller sites, the legacy of the Maya makes Mesoamerica an amazing destination for archeology enthusiasts. Every MEA tour offers an archeology component, and the first five tours listed below are structured around the pre-Columbian culture. These tours give a more in-depth look at Mayan history - often from the perspective of your Mayan guide. In the case of the Rio Platano, we have an opportunity to visit several non-Maya pre-Columbian sites. For more detail on what each trip offers, click on the links below and read the day-by-day section of the itinerary.

Birding the Highlands & Peten of Guatemala

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Whale Sharks, Crododiles, & Sea Turtles

Tri-national Birding Tour Mexico-Guatemala-Belize

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Tri-national Birding Tour Mexico-Guatemala-Belize