Some people find a spiritual connection in pristine natural places. Others have integrated nature and their spiritual life like the Maya. On this trip we want to create opportunities for people to learn about different cultures, experience some of their believe rituals, and make connections with nature. In between hikes and visiting some spectacular natural areas, on this itinerary we create space for personal contemplation and reflection. Join us on a fascinating trip to the western highlands of Guatemala where we will visit almost daily either present day sacred sites and/or natural healers and spiritual leaders whom we collectively call "shamans". Our itinerary will take us through four different Maya indigenous areas: Kaqchiquel, T'utujil, Ixil and K'iché Maya. Each day begins with the exploration of natural areas and significant Ancient Maya archeological sites, with traditional Maya rituals and observations mixed in at different points. We're excited to offer this spiritual connectivity to natural areas as a complement to our traditional ecotours.

Itinerary Highlights

Day Place
1 Arrive in Guatemala City, transfer to Antigua.
2 Acatenango Volcano & San Antonio
3 Transfer to Santiago Atitlan
4 El Mirador del Rey Tepepul
5 Chuitinamit & San Pedro Volcano
6 Corazon del Bosque & Xela
7 Laguna Chicabal
8 Return to Antigua
9 Depart