While Nicaragua is an emerging destination, 90% of the tourism is concentrated in Granada, Ometepe, and San Juan del Sur. All great places, but if you like to go a little further out and explore areas that are not on the main tourism routes, this is a trip for you.

We do include the beautiful colonial city of Leon and the famous beaches, but we think you will have the fondest memories of what we call the Zona Norte - Jinotega & Matagalpa. This area is like traveling back in time with friendly local people, delicious traditional foods, and a relaxed lifestyle that is quickly disappearing in other destinations. Mixed in with this relaxed/tranquila area, are spectacular cloud forests, a bustling coffee production area, and dramatic Pacific coast. We think the active itinerary and the warmth of the local people will make this a memorable experience.

Itinerary Highlights

Day Place
1 Arrive to Managua and transfer to the cloud forests and shade coffee of Selva Negra.
2 Hiking the cloud forest of El Arenal and tour of sustainable coffee farm.
3 Hiking the highlands of Matagalpa and Apante Nature Reserve and overnight at La Sombra Ecolodge.
4 Epic day-hike in the Peñas Blancas area of Bosawas Biosphere Reserve.
5 Hiking the trails of Datanlí-El Diablo with community lunch.
6 Afternoon ascent and evening descent of Telica Volcano.
7 Double summit of Cerro Negro and El Hoyo Volcanoes with sand board descent.
8 Day at the beach - Juan Venado Wildlife Refuge.
9 Depart