Guatemala is an intriguing country with a diversity of rich habitats from montane cloud forest to lowland tropical forest. This tour specifically focuses on the Guatemalan highlands (Chiapas-Guatemala Highlands Endemic Bird Area) and the Peten (Yucatan Endemic Bird Area). As the names imply, there are unique species of birds to be found in this land of the Maya. The itinerary incorporates some of the best montane and lowland birding opportunities in this scenic country, and allows us to experience the wonderful and colorful living culture of the Maya. During the quiet times, we will have opportunities to visit Mayan markets, learn a bit about Guatemalan people and their Maya culture and also visit the world renowned and beautiful Lake Atitlan. We also have the opportunity to bird in the famous Maya archeological site of Tikal.

Itinerary Highlights

Day Place
1 Arrive Guatemala City and transfer to Tikal National Park
2 Tikal National Park
3 Tikal National Park
4 Flight to Guatemala City and transfer to Lake Atitlan
5 Mirador & Trail Tepepul
6 Paquisis Trail
7 Los Tarrales & transfer to Antigua
8 Depart